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Friday August 26, 2016


Member since: April 11, 2010
Last visit: November 17, 2014
Name: Sho
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Location: Nagoya
Country: Japan
Fav. BEP:
Fav. Song: Let's Get it Started
Fav. Video: Where is the Love
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About The Earthquake in Japan

category: Life | March 25 | @130 | comments comments(5)

Probably you know there was a really big and horrible earthquake and the Tsunami caused by it in Japan on March 11th. It is the fourth biggest earthquake that human beings had ever. 11 days has passed since the earthquake. Now more than 8000 people have passed away in the north-east Japan.I hear more than 10000 people will pass away finally. There're alive people now,but many of them are suffering without even foods to eat and home to live. And In Hukushima,near Tokyo,several nuclear power plants were broken down and they exploded caused by the earthquake.As a result,radioactivity which leaked out from the plants is spreading right now. Many countries are supporting...


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Keith Drawing!

Keith Drawing!

Published on: 11/19/2010

Tim drawing!

Tim drawing!

Published on: 11/06/2010

Animetic Peas!!!

Animetic Peas!!!

Published on: 09/03/2010

Latest Member Comments

07/03/11 @073
Sho...How R U????
06/28/11 @941
well it depends on what e-mail is about.. but if you are friends with her you can send her.. :) does she likes somebody else or..?

well i think we will never be friends.. cuz.. gosh its hard to explain..:p when i know some guy likes me i like to torture them, make fun of them and stuff.. i know im terrible person cuz of that.. but i do that only if i am not friends with that guy or he is acting like a bitch.. i wouldnt do that to someone with who im friends with..

lucky.. i want mine black again.. :( and ill get new contacts in september.. but idk should i get purple or some kind of blue...:p

Concert was never held...-.- Stage fell apart before it and they couldnt fix it so concert was canceled...:( they will probably announce new date..

anyway i been to one heavy metal concert and im going to another next week...:) it was cool and fun..
06/03/11 @826
its okay..:)

well maybe she will like you, dont worry.. one advice.. talk to her, but not every 5 mins and dont try really hard to make good impression on her.. my best friend is now avoiding boy who likes her.. he is really good friend to both of us and recently he started to like her.. and he didnt tell aloud that he likes her, but he sometimes stares at her, always tries to talk to her and he asked her some stuff, so he made it pretty obvious.. and now she is avoiding him..
and at the end if she doesnt like you, you can at least be good friends..:) at the start of school year some girl told me that one boy in my class haves crush on me, and i dont like him.. whole school year he didnt really talked to me or anything but in some gestures he made it obvious that he likes me.. and some weeks ago all of a sudden he is like "olga, sit next to me.. talk to me..marry me, i love you" and he made it sound like joke, but i know it isnt.. and i sit with my best friend in front of him in classes, and he pulls my hair and plays with it and this week i caught him leaning over me and smelling me, which freaked me out :o
and im pretty much avoiding him.. if he acted normal i would be friends with him, but now he is pretty much annoying me..

well i was born with black hair..and then it started to lighten and i was having blond hair..and i dyed it black.. i dont like fair hair..
i wish my eyes stayed black.. now they are dark brown, and when im on sun they look chocolate brown and have red glow in them..o.O
but i like how thy are in contrast with my pale skin.. im really pale, so first thing youll notice about me are probably my eyes cuz they are dark..

im good..i cant wait for school to finish.. 2 more weeks left.. And i cant wait for david guetta concert this sunday..

sorry for huuuge comment, now i see how long it is..:p
05/19/11 @692
05/04/11 @402
thank you! :)
well im having tests this week too..:p holiday had ended for me..:(
Youre in love? aww!
And how does she feel about you? :)

Im gettin contac lenses.. My eyes had beautiful black color and they started to get light.. now they are kinda like chocolate brown and i dont like them..:p So i bought gray lenses.. Its so weird to see my self with light eyes.. but i like them.:)
And im thinkin about gettin my eyebrow pierced.. i already have my nose pierced, so i dont know would it be too much..:p and im afraid that it wont look good on me, so i might have scar if i take it out..:p
05/01/11 @865
Im good too, thnx.. idk if i told you, but i passed the test for singing in music school..
anyway whats up? whats new with you?

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